Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sorry about the bitter and unnecessarily cryptic nature of that last post. Everything is fine, I had just had a bad day, that's all.

But, I’m gonna be closing up shop here for a little while. I’ve got too many other things I’m trying to work on, so unless somebody wants to pay me to blog, I’ve got to step away for a minute.

I’ll leave the site up, so feel free to browse the archives or argue with Pistol in the comments board, and do check back from time to time, you never know when something ridiculous will happen at Shitty and I’ll get a wild hair to write it down.

Also keep an eye out for exciting future Mr. Babylon projects including Mr. Babylon the book, Mr. Babylon the graphic novel, and most incredibly, Mr. Babylon the dancehall-crunk theme-song.

Thanks for reading and sharing, see you soon.

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