Friday, July 08, 2005

Why Are You Here?
Summertime and the living is slo-o-ow. That’s good for me, bad for the blog.

With no new stories to tell, I‘m gonna have to rely on the fickle powers of memory to keep things rolling. I’ve got a few stories in the pipeline, including maybe a “Day in the Life” series featuring the imagined (or not) doings of Pedro, Roulo, Popsoul, Christopher, Maria and the rest.

In the meantime I’ll hit you off with that amusing yet desperate ploy of many a burned out blogger; funny things people searched for that led to my site.

I get a ton of hits from aspiring little gangsters looking for “Crip” or “Latin King” beads. Interestingly the majority of these hits come from IP addresses in lily-white suburbs and even, gasp, Wall Street.

I can’t help you wankstas out with the beads, but maybe somebody here or here will be able to tell you something. Good luck!

Other up and coming gang-bangers are less interested in fashion than dance-floor smashing. For those of you looking for a “how to crip walk” tutorial, look no further.

Some folks who stumble my way are just plain confused.

As much as I’m sure he’d love to be included, Sasha Frere Jones is not “your nigga” and has never been a part of Dipset!

And I’m sorry to tell you, there’s nothing here for those interested in “sexual chewing gum.”

Finally, I had no idea when I wrote this, that I would be forever inundated with readers on the prowl for “young Russian guys in tight shirts.” Fuck out of here with that, this is a family site.

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