Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pastrami-gate Part 2: The Proof
Leave it up to me while I be living proof...
People's Exhibit A; kickin' the truth to the young blog youth.

Quoth my new favorite person (hereafter known as "Deep Brisket"):
...the hell thinks someone's going to fake it?

i got proof yo

First these people making fun weren't there to hear the kids asking me "what's pastrami" and "is that cheese" Kids who put it's cheese do 3 times 3 times 3 and get 27 for the total combinations instead of 24.

I saw it's out of 4, not 12. 12 on the question sheet was for all 3 part II questions. The lady who graded it stuck her neck out and gave them 2 out of 4.

Also this is Component Retesting not the real Regents. They gave these last week to Juniors and Seniors who got between 48 and 64 on the Math A Regents and took it at least twice. If they do well enough on the components they pass them for their Regents requirement with either 55 (for graduation) or 65 (for real)

Deep Brisket also sends along a link to a pdf of the scoring rubric on the state website.

I don't understand any of this gibberish--this stuff might as well be the Omega Code to me--but I trust those with more sense than I will be able to decipher something, and even us dummies have to admit it's real.

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