Saturday, September 25, 2004

Back to Normal
Things are getting back to normal at Shitty. I witnessed two fights the past two days and broke up a third between one of my students and some kids in the hall who came by in the chaos after a fire-drill and stood in the doorway pegging him with pennies. (I'm somehow still maintining my exemplary record of no fights in my class.)

My 6th period in the basement was interrupted yesterday by the slapstick sounds of a high-speed foot-chase down the hall.

A kid ran by, hauling ass, a blur of oversized pink t-shirt and pink accessories. Shortly, he was followed by a cop huffing along as he tried to pull his handcuffs out of his belt. The cop took a spill and went sliding down the hall, his handcuffs ricocheting ahead of him.

My students were naturally curious, and I scrambled to keep them in their seats and focused on the task at hand (something about literary elements, plot and character and whatnot) as I tried to get a better look at what was going down.

Another cop came stomping by, hyperventilating, all blue and black and keys and utility belt bouncing wildly up and down, and then another and another and then one more, four in all counting the original who had initiated his pursuit of the perp in a face-first fashion. Then they were gone, and we were back to trying to puzzle out just whether the setting of Titanic (the example the kids had chosen) was in the past or the future, as if nothing unusual had happened, because, really, in the basement of Shitty, that kind of shit isn’t weird at all.

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