Monday, March 08, 2004

Union News
Phatman, our cynically jovial, fat, shine-headed Union Rep. – he looks like a caricature of a hedonistic, inbred, Roman Emperor/Toxic avenger extra - released the latest installment of the “Shitty Advocate.” Pretty dry stuff as usual, aside from a bad pun about “penal dysfunction.”

This issue was all about school safety or the lack thereof, with the general focus being on a lack of meaningful negative consequences for misbehavior, which is valid I guess. Seems like the root of the problem might be a lack of positive consequences for positive behavior, though. One thing that rubbed me the wrong way was Phatman’s rather crass chastisement of the school or administration (not sure which) for “memorializing a dead drug dealer,” as if the fact that Lopez (Boquita) was a criminal somehow negates his humanity, or makes his death any less tragic. I guess Fatman’s point is that “celebrating” this outlaw life and death only legitimizes and romanticizes it, but again, symptom not problem.

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