Monday, March 08, 2004

Return of the Phantom Pisser
During a particularly unruly 9th period the vague odor of urine began to creep into my classroom.

“Mister, Mister, pee-pee!” (This seems to be becoming a refrain) Melva screamed running towards the windows and clearly delighted with the chaos and genuine excuse to scream scatalogical vulgarities (not that she needs any such excuse.)

“Mister, they pee on the heater!” Robinson stood up and informed me, holding his hand at his crotch, swiveling his hips and pantomiming a peeing motion for clarification. I wasn't sure if he was referring to someone in partucular or a general miscreant behavior with which I should have been familiar.

Luis and Jose had their heads out the windows and were laughing maniacally. Scrunching up my nose and looking at these out-of-control students cock-eyed, I yelled and gestured for them all to sit down, as I made my way to the door to investigate. I opened the door and was blown back by what seemed to be a solid wall of hot, putrid, stench. I closed the door and jumped back, my reaction raising the kids chaos level another notch or two. I walked over by the windows and continued trying to teach as the room slowly filled with the thick nauseous gas of steamed urine.

Animals. They're fucking animals.

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