Monday, March 08, 2004

Hot Streak
After a decent class 10th period, everyone working diligently, Angel being somewhat quiet, Lissette not whining too much, I looked the other way as Edgar and Angel began playing trashcan basketball the last 5 minutes of class. I even started tossing a few myself from my comfortable perch in my big wooden chair.

I noticed the guys had money down and went over to their side of the room. I missed a couple wide right, then had one literally go in and out. Lissette squealed with delight at my near miss.

I can do this, I thought, and anted up (it was only a dollar). I nailed my next 3 shots. Edgar and Angel both missed. I grabbed the pile of ones and strutted across the room to erase the board, dreaming of the Dollar Menu goodies my riches might obtain.

The fire of my prideful joy was quickly diminished when everyone I told of my victory reacted with horror.

"That's awful."

"That's unethical."

"That's illegal."

"You could be fired."

I tried to explain that I had money down as well as the kids, that it was a fair and just contest, and that, besides, it was only $1 each. To no avail.

I gave them their money back the next day. Edgar tried to refuse.

"Nah Mister, you won."

Edgar's allright. I made him take the dollar.

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